Sandara Park reveals CL “cried so much” after 2NE1’s Coachella reunion

"I think she had this anxiety that this moment would never come again"

Former 2NE1 singer Sandara Park has shared what happened after the iconic K-pop girl group reunited at his year’s Coachella festival.

On April 16, the group’s former leader CL took to the stage of Coachella as part of Asian-American label 88rising’s ‘Head In The Clouds Forever’ showcase. During her performance, CL surprised the audience by welcoming her 2NE1 bandmates Dara, Park Bom and Minzy onstage to perform the quartet’s hit 2009 track ‘I Am The Best’.

During a recent episode of the tvN variety show You Quiz On The Block, both CL and Park made separate appearances to speak about what happened after the surprise 2NE1 reunion and how the members felt about reuniting after being apart for so long.


CL noted that, while in the car headed back to their hotel, the quartet did not speak to one another at all. “We all just stared out the window, trying to just cherish the memory of all those times, as they were so precious,” she said, per SBS News, adding that the group did eventually throw their own celebration in the hotel that night.

However, CL later recounted how emotional the next day was for her, as fellow members Sandara and Park Bom were headed back to Korea. “I just cried and cried on the way to the airport to send them off,” she said. “I’ve never cried in front of them before, but for some reason, I got so emotional at that time.”

Sandara later spoke about the moment as well, recalling how CL had “held onto our hands for ages” at the airport. “CL cried so much on that day,” she added. “She’s not that sort of person, so I was really surprised.”

“She’s usually too cool that I’ve always thought to myself, ‘Nothing would ever make her cry’,” Sandara said. “As she cried, she said to us, ‘I’m going to feel so lonely once you all leave’. I think she had this anxiety that this moment would never come again.”

In a previous interview, CL shared that although plans for a full-strength reunion at Coachella had been discussed for several months, the actual preparations for their performance came together “pretty last-minute”.

She also revealed that they had been “nonstop preparing” for their reunion in secret – even sharing that member Dara kept reunion plans from her current management. “I was like, ‘You guys can’t tell; don’t tell your mom!’ I don’t think Dara told her company,” CL enthused.