Sarah Mary Chadwick releases new single ‘At Your Leisure’

Performing a one-off show to mark the track's release

Sarah Mary Chadwick has released a new single, ‘At Your Leisure’, the second cut from her forthcoming seventh album ‘Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby’.

‘At Your Leisure’ dropped today (December 3) and is the second cut from the forthcoming album following the release of lead single ‘Every Loser Needs A Mother’.

In a press release, Chadwick said that “this song is an accurate blow by blow (pun intended) of a time”.


Chadwick also elaborated on her latest single’s relationship with ‘Please Daddy’, her most recent album.

“On ‘Please Daddy’, there’s the line ‘my songs never achieve what they’re for’”…’At Your Leisure’ asks the question ‘is it all for this song / if it is is that wrong?’

“To me, the comparison illustrates a frustrated lack of control as relaxed into to an acknowledgement that it’s all definitely for a purpose, and how mad can you be when you’re literally getting what you’re asking for?

“This song acknowledges that I wasn’t powerless – but that construction might’ve suited me at the time. But it’s important to me to recognise when I’m being lazy with my assessments of myself.”

Listen to ‘At Your Leisure’ here:


To mark the release of the new single, Chadwick will perform a one-off solo show at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre Outdoor Stage on Wednesday January 27.

‘Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby’, the seventh studio album from the New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based Chadwick, is due for release February 5, 2021, through Rice Is Nice Records.

The album will be the successor to Chadwick’s January album, ‘Please Daddy’, which received a four-star review from NME upon its release.