Sarah Saint James drops biting new single ‘Heather’, co-written with Alex Lahey

A reflection on “a particularly vulnerable time” for the Adelaide up-and-comer

Adelaide singer-songwriter Sarah Saint James has shared a punchy new single titled ‘Heather’, which she co-wrote with Alex Lahey.

Inspired by the 1989 film Heathers, the new track is defined by crunchy, overdriven riffs, energetic drums, and a buoyant chorus on which James yells: “Heather / Would you be better / If I told you just where to dig my grave / Load the gun and take your aim.”

Have a listen to ‘Heather’ below:


A press release notes that James wrote ‘Heather’ as a reflection on “a particularly vulnerable time” when, in 2009, she “was critically ill in hospital and simultaneously abandoned by her dad”.

The blurb continues: “One of [James’] ‘best friends’ spread a nasty rumour about her, resulting in losing her small group of friends and leaving her to feel completely alone and disconnected from the world. ‘The Heathers’ around Sarah set out to destroy her life out of jealousy and bitterness, however the song is written with hindsight and self-awareness.”

James herself commented that ‘Heather’ is “not about revenge” and that she “actually [feels] sorry for” the track’s protagonist, because “no matter what she did, she would never be okay within herself, and nothing she did put me six feet under”.

‘Heather’ comes as James’ second release for 2021, following the single ‘Mad At God’ back in January. It also marks her third solo release altogether, having made her debuted in November of 2020 with ‘DBE’ (which stands for ‘Dumb Bitch Energy’).


Last September, James linked up with Paces to perform vocals on his track ‘Back Around’.

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