Sarah Wolfe drops latest single ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’

The follow up to June's '100 Times'

Sydney pop artist Sarah Wolfe has dropped her latest single today (October 16), called ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’.

The track marks her fourth official release so far this year, following on from June’s ‘100 Times’, featuring indie duo The Flowers.

With a run-time just shy of three minutes, ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’ is a punchy new pop song from the singer, detailing the aftermath of a breakup.


Listen to the song below:

The track was written alongside Wolfe’s current partner Xavier Dunn, known for his work with Jack River and CXLOE. It’s not the first time the pair have worked together musically, with Dunn and Wolfe releasing a cover of Tiffany’s 1987 single, ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’, earlier this year.

Speaking of ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’ in a press statement, Wolfe explained the story behind the single.

“”I’ll Never Be Happy Again” is one of the first songs I wrote where I finally felt comfortable in my own sound,” she said.

“It is loosely about a relationship that went wrong, but the more overarching theme for me is anxiety; how my head always makes things out to be far worse and far more dramatic than the situation actually is.”


“I love how the lyrics play out over such a high energy soundtrack, I wanted this to be the point of hope in the song, a reminder that things do usually end up being ok.”

Wolfe launched her music career in 2019 with ‘Devil U Know’, following up with her first 2020 drop ‘U Think This Is a Game’ in February.

She was also one of six artists who contributed a cover to etcetc’s ‘Decade Of Dance: Reworked’ EP, which dropped last month. Wolfe chose to tackle Jax Jones‘ 2016 hit ‘You Don’t Know Me’, saying “I wanted to have a go at giving it a Sarah Wolfe spin”.