Semantics release debut album ‘Paint Me Blue’, share ‘Embrace Monotony’ video

Lead singer Callum Robertson describes filming the video as "the most chaotic two minutes ever"

Brisbane band Semantics have released their debut studio album, ‘Paint Me Blue’, and have also shared a music video for its third single.

The album, released today (May 20), was preceded by the singles ‘Sleep At Night’ and ‘This Love Could Kill You’. The band produced the record themselves, with American engineer Jack Shirley providing mixing and mastering. To coincide with the album’s release, the band have shared a video for the track ‘Embrace Monotony’.

The one-take clip, directed by Harley Jones, sees lead vocalist Callum Robertson lip-sync to the song while having paint thrown at him. Watch it below:


In a press statement, Robertson explained that the song was written during the 2020 lockdown in the Brisbane suburb of Oxley. “It went eerily quiet,” he said. “No cars, no-one walking, just restless pets and families in hermit mode. It was a really depressing environment in contrast to the beautiful, lively community Oxley is so proud of.”

Robertson also describes filming the music video for the single as “the most chaotic two minutes ever”.

“Overall it was a huge success and looks awesome, but I was washing bright orange paint out of my right ear for a week,” he said.

‘Paint Me Blue’ is available now via Cooking Vinyl in Australia and SideOneDummy for the rest of the world. The album was selected by NME as one of the top release picks for May 2022, and was described as containing “explosive cuts of melodically charged emo”.