Servo Flowers shares new single ‘Messed Up’

Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, 'Joey Car Crash'

Servo Flowers – aka singer-songwriter Jimmy Mac – has shared his latest single, ‘Messed Up’. Listen to the song below:

‘Messed Up’ was recorded in Mac’s home studio in Fremantle, before making its way to Joel Waddell and Randy Merill for mixing and mastering.


In an Instagram post, Mac revealed he wrote ‘Messed Up’ over two years ago, but had to make sure “it was recorded just right”. He consulted with Eskimo Joe vocalist Kav Temperley in order to bring the EP into being. The single is lifted from Mac’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘Joey Car Crash’, which does not have a release date.

“‘Messed Up’ was one of those rare songs that came out basically finished on the first play-through,” Mac said in a press statement.

“As a result, the lyrics are simple but personal, detailing a literal car-crash that coincides with the breakdown of a relationship. I spent over two years playing around with the song to figure out the perfect way to represent the simplicity of the tune and elevate it with my usual process of adding layers upon layers of samples.”

‘Messed Up’ is the second single from the Perth artist, following his 2019 debut single ‘King of The Suburbs (For The Night)’.