SEVENTEEN reveal ‘Hot’ was the final track to be completed for ‘Face The Sun’

Woozi shared the single had undergone “several revisions”

SEVENTEEN have opened up about their process preparing for their new studio album ‘Face The Sun’.

In a recent interview on The Zach Sang Show, the boyband discussed their recent album ‘Face The Sun’ and revealed that its title track ‘Hot’ was the final song to be completed for the record.

“‘Hot’ was the last track [that we] finished in this album,” said vocalist Woozi, who is also the K-pop act’s main producer. “It was the first track I started but due to several revisions, somehow, ‘Hot’ became the last track to be done throughout ‘Face the Sun’.”


The idol also spoke about his songwriting process for the act’s music, explains that he tries not to “put restrictions” on his creative process. “Sometimes I begin either with lyrics, track or melody,” he said, sharing that he did not have a fixed structure when working on music.

When asked when he considered a song “complete”, Woozi revealed that it was when he could “confidently” present it to his bandmates. “I always want their honest feedback,” he added. “I don’t even have to ask, they always give their honest feedback.”

“I mean, at the end of the day, it is our song,” added vocalist Joshua. “We always give him honest feedback.”

Last week, the boyband appeared on an episode of IU’s Palette, where they took turns with host and singer IU to perform covers of each other’s songs. The soloist had shared a touching cover of  SEVENTEEN’s ‘Dar+ling’, which opens their latest record, while SEVENTEEN performed a charming rendition of IU’s 2019 single ‘Blueming’.