SEVENTEEN say they “aren’t satisfied” with their music until it is “perfect”

"The other members are always determined when it comes to music"

S.COUPS, rapper and leader of K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN, has shared some insight into the popular group’s work dynamic.

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, the South Korean musician opened up about the progression of the group’s performances and musicality, attributing his ability to continuously improve throughout his career to the group’s teamwork.

“I think we’ve kept working on our skillsets step by step, even after we finished training and had already debuted,” he commented. “When we’re in the practice room, we understand each other without having to say anything.”


The rapper-singer added that this has also had a positive impact on the group’s determination as musicians, noting that he fellow groupmates “aren’t satisfied with themselves until [things are] perfect”.

” The really good thing is, we’re really good at picking out the weak points in each other’s dancing. We’re not just monitoring ourselves while dancing – we’re keeping an eye on the big picture,” he added. “And we help each other become more complete people by talking to each other delicately but frankly, like, ‘You should probably do that part like this’.”

Earlier this year, SEVENTEEN member Wonwoo and Mingyu collaborated on the song ‘Bittersweet’ with Lee Hi. During an interview with J-14 Magazine, the duo shared that the creative process for the song was more “challenging” than usual due to their desire to leave the meaning of the track “open-ended”.