SF9’s Youngbin under fire for COVID-19 vaccine comments, issues apology

“I am deeply reflecting on having made such careless remarks”

Youngbin of K-pop boyband SF9 has come under fire for controversial comments he made about the COVID-19 vaccine.

During an appearance on the livestreaming platform V Live yesterday (September 27), the South Korean idol shared his thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccine, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and his personal vaccination status. The singer’s comment went viral after a post by a now-deleted Twitter account gained traction online.

“They said the vaccine hurt, so I didn’t get vaccinated,” Youngbin had said during the livestream, per Sports Chosun and translated by Soompi. “Honestly I don’t think I’ll get COVID-19 even if I don’t get vaccinated because I’m not exposed to the dangers of COVID-19.”


“But I am a bit scared because a lot of my acquaintances have contracted COVID-19,” the singer added. “It seems like you can get COVID-19 even if you get vaccinated, so I’m wondering if I have to.”

However, some of the Younbin’s fans have since pointed that the singer’s words seem to have been taken out of context. They noted that during his V Live appearance, the singer said that he had “previously” tried to schedule a vaccination appointment, but that “there weren’t any [available]” at the time.

Youngbin has since apologised for remarks with a statement on the group’s official fan café. “I am deeply reflecting on having made such careless remarks in a broadcast watched by many people,” he wrote, per Soompi. “I will be vaccinated as soon as possible, and I will rectify my misguided thoughts and be more careful and mindful with my words and actions.”

In other related news, BTS recently said that they “sympathise” with people who “fear vaccines” during an interview with Good Morning America. However, he also emphasised the importance of overcoming that fear: “I believe that if we’re afraid of the past, we wont be able to make progress.”

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