Shadow pays homage to ‘Russell Coight’ on new single featuring Huskii and Vinsins

The eighth new song from Shadow this year

Australian drill rapper Shadow has shared a new single, ‘Russell Coight’, featuring Huskii and Vinsin.

The song pays titular homage to iconic Australian comedian Glen Robbin’s character from the television show All Australian Adventures, a bumbling survival and wildlife expert. The hook sees the crew “in Aus, doing them trips like Russel Coight”.

To announce the new track, label Golden Era Records shared the beloved clip of Coight’s bush dancing display, overlaid with Shadow’s new single. Listen to the new song below:


It’s already been a prolific year for the West Australian rapper, with eight singles released to date. These include the topical ‘Corona Badness’, ‘wall bangin’, ‘Dream’, ‘Havana’, ‘Mosieri’, ‘+Amor-Sacanagem’ and the ‘My City’ remix. 2019 saw the release of Shadow’s debut EP ‘Cream’. He performed on livestream last month as part of Vice‘s performance series Viceolation.

Vinsins’ most recent solo release is also an ode to another object of Australian ephemera – ‘Toohey’s New’ featuring Stue. He released the ‘In Too Deep’ EP back in April of this year.

Huskii’s appearance on ‘Russell Coight’ is his first musical one this year, following the collaborative EP ‘4 Days’ with Chillinit last year. So far, the rapper has kept to loose single and EP releases since the release of his debut full length album ‘Barely Awake and Paranoid’ in 2016.

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