Shady Nasty muse on the grind of city life in new single ‘PRETTYB0YZ’

The trio’s new EP ‘CLUBSMOKE’ is out next month

Genre-bending Sydney trio Shady Nasty have shared a soul-numbing new single titled ‘PRETTYB0YZ’, taking aim at the “work hard, play hard lifestyle” of club-frequenting Sydneysiders.

Over a bed of raw, jazzy drums, guitar runs soaked in reverb and a polarising, siren-esque synth that drones on throughout the track, vocalist Kevin Stathis ruminates: “Should I listen to my gut? Maybe he’d teach me something new / Somethin’ worth my money, worth my time / But all I listen to is the bass pumpin’ out my tyres.”

Take a listen to the new track below:


In a statement, the band described ‘PRETTYB0YZ’ as “the indefinite renewal of your ticket to the harbour city’s work hard, play hard lifestyle”.

“With an endless cosmetic routine, you continue to pump your vape with the same vigour; eternally five years younger than your age, eternally in vogue,” they said.

The single comes as Shady Nasty’s third for the year, following ‘IBIZA’ back in April and ‘R0LLIN’ H1LLZ’ last month. All three tracks will appear on their forthcoming EP ‘CLUBSMOKE’, due for release on October 8 via PIAS.

Today’s (September 9) press release labels the four-track offering “a meditation on vlogging, gymming, clubbing and clout”, saying that “as the blur between the group’s online and offline worlds intensifies, so too does their relationship to these accelerated cultures.


“As entranced as it is disconnected, ‘CLUBSMOKE’ remains inseparable from the hyper-stimulating worlds it seeks to address.”

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