SHINee’s Key says his looks for ‘Bad Love’ were inspired by David Bowie

"I'm always imagining and coming up with concepts, so portraying them is not hard.”

SHINee member Key has discussed the styling choices and behind his recent ‘Bad Love’ music video and how it was inspired by the late David Bowie.

In an interview with Allure, the South Korean singer delved into the details of the makeup and wardrobe for his retrofuturistic music video for ‘Bad Love’, which released last week. The song is the title track of his new mini-album of the same name.

The veteran K-pop idol is well-known for his love for fashion and hands-on approach when it comes to the creative direction of his projects, revealing this this around he drew inspiration from an iconic British singer. “I got inspiration from, of course, David Bowie,” said Key on the vibrant and unique suits he donned in the visual. “I love him.”


The SHINee member went on to share that he had no issues embodying the concepts in ‘Bad Love’ because he had curated them himself. “I don’t find it necessarily hard because it’s something that’s always in my mind,” he explained. “As an artist, I’m always imagining and coming up with concepts, so portraying them is not hard.”

Instead, Key revealed that the difficulty lies in narrowing down his ideas. “I have a lot in my head,” the idol told Allure. “You can’t do everything at once, right? I need to be more selective, and that’s what I find difficult.”

On September 27, Key made his long-awaited solo comeback with the single ‘Bad Love’, alongside his first-ever mini-album of the same title. In a glowing five-star review of the record, NME’s Abby Webster praised its “nostalgic aesthetic that captures Space Age anxieties about technology and the ever-expanding unknown.”