Shining Birds drop pensive new single ‘Black Armband’

Taken from forthcoming album 'Deadlands'

Shining Bird have unveiled a new single titled ‘Black Armband’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Deadlands’.

The band reflected on the euphoric grunge cut in a press release, saying: “It’s a song that touches on lost stories and a deep longing for home that is no longer there.

“‘Black Armband’ reflects a yearning for truth-telling and the desire to reckon with false narratives of nationhood.”


The song delivers a pensive tale in keeping with the band’s musical themes in support of First Nations peoples. Carried by singer Dane Taylor’s grizzly tone, the narrative is penetrated by a tinny horn melody.

Listen to it below:

‘Black Armband’ is the third track lifted from the experimental pop band’s upcoming fourth album, ‘Deadlands’, set for release on August 20. It follows the release of two previous singles, the album title track and ‘Strange Land’, both released in 2020.

Back in January, Shining Bird shared the track ‘No Country For Dreamin” on BandCamp, released in solidarity with First Nations peoples. All proceeds from sales of the song went to the Indigenous-led organisation Common Ground.


The organisation aims to help Australians see the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by “providing access to stories and knowledge” that will help bridge gaps between different cultures.

Shining Bird said at the time that the song represents their “deep sadness and anger at the treatment of First Nations peoples in this country, the lack of progress made in reparations and healing and our sense of powerlessness to affect the collective change we want to see.”