Laneway honouring Sia officially launched in Adelaide

Sia Furler Lane is accompanied by a mural painted by local artist Jasmine Crisp

A laneway honouring Adelaide-born singer Sia has officially been launched in her hometown as part of the City of Music Laneways project.

Sia Furler Lane is located off Hindley Street and Morphett Street in the city’s CBD, near the now-defunct Cargo Club, where the musician established her career with acid jazz band Crisp. A mural inspired by the musician’s work, a commemorative plaque and a street sign have all been unveiled.

The mural, titled ‘She Imagined Buttons’, was painted by local artist Jasmine Crisp. The initial version of the mural created a stir in June of last year after the singer’s management reportedly complained to the city council of its close likeness.


“I think what’s happened is that once the mural was started it was seen and talked about as if it was a portrait of Sia, which was never the intention,” Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said at the time.

Crisp has since updated the mural, which depicts a fan’s response to Sia’s performance in Adelaide in 2011.

“Sia was one of my first concerts, I had freshly turned 16 and felt nervous among the large, unfamiliar crowd,” Crisp wrote in her artist brief for the mural.

“Sia spoke with the audience as much as she sang, she shared sign language symbols with hands in the crowd and communicated with every onlooker with inclusivity and passion. I was never nervous in a crowd after Sia.”

Sia Furler Lane marks the first laneway to be unveiled as part of the City of Music project. Laneways honouring No Fixed Address, Cold Chisel, Paul Kelly and the Angels are still set to be officially unveiled.


On completion of the project, the laneways will form a City of Music Laneways Trail, acknowledging the artists’ beginnings in Adelaide and their contribution to music locally, nationally and globally.

“We are creating a series of cultural experiences paying tribute to our musical greats, attracting music fans and tourists to our city,” said Verschoor.

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