Sibling act Caroline & Claude share debut single ‘Stir the Pot’

Featuring a self-made video from Adelaide lockdown

Sydney duo Caroline & Claude have released their debut single, entitled ‘Stir the Pot’.

The track, released today (August 18), was co-written by the sibling duo. Production was overseen by Steven Schram and Dylan Ringrow (AKA Claude). The song thematically deals with spreading rumours, and being knowingly vindictive to others.

To accompany the single’s release, the duo have also shared a music video that they self-shot, directed and edited. Watch the video for ‘Stir the Pot’ below:


In a press statement, Caroline & Claude explained that the video was created while Adelaide was in lockdown, meaning they “had to film and create [their] own animations”.

“We wanted it to feel playful, and just wanted to creatively vomit on it,” they said.

“That’s why we have so many things going on with GIFs [and] our animations. It also then shows the messiness and chaotic behaviour of gossip, and the premise of the song.”

Caroline & Claude was formed in 2020 by siblings Hannah and Dylan Ringrow. They are 21 and 17 years old respectively, and have reportedly pursued music from an early age.


“We came to realise that music felt like therapy,” they wrote in a statement on their website.

“It was something we would need, along with the unconditional love from our precious friends and loving family.”