Simon Pegg on being mates with Chris Martin and going to Disneyland with Jay-Z

"We were all being told to go on the rollercoasters by our kids who are braver than we are"

Speaking to NME backstage at Glastonbury 2022, actor and writer Simon Pegg told us about his friendship with Coldplay‘s Chris Martin and a recent trip to Disneyland with Jay-Z.

The Spaced, Big Train, Star Trek and Mission Impossible star was talking to us just after his appearance in the Greenpeace Field, when he recalled a previous visit to Worthy Farm in 2016 when his daughter joined Coldplay on stage.

“On her first Glastonbury she sang backing vocals with Coldplay,” said Pegg. “Chris Martin is an old, old friend and [my daughter] Tilly’s godfather. He invited her up on stage with his kids and their friend to sing the backing vocals on ‘Up&Up’. I was an incredibly proud dad that day.”


During the performance, Pegg was seen side of stage with “all his friends” Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow, but said that he wasn’t particularly close to the former rapper.

“I did go to Disneyland with Jay-Z recently,” Pegg admitted. “I don’t know him that well but he’s friends with Chris [Martin] and we’ve met a couple of times. He’s a really sweet guy. He’s a dad too. We were all being told to go on the rollercoasters by our kids who are braver than we are.”

Asked about the most fun celebrity he’d ever been to Glasto with, Pegg replied: “I have been able to go backstage a few times here with Coldplay through knowing Chris. But it is more fun to be out and enjoying the festival. You get a weird detached version of the festival [when you’re backstage].

“Having said that, I’m not camping, I’m staying in a hotel nearby. I’m 52 and I shouldn’t have to sleep on a plastic sheet. That doesn’t happen until I’m 70! Even glamping I can’t do. I want room service and clean sheets every day.”


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