Siobhan Cotchin blossoms on bright new single ‘Growing Pains’

She'll celebrate the release of the track with a hometown show this month

Perth indie singer-songwriter Siobhan Cotchin gets personal about the realities of growing up in her raw single, ‘Growing Pains’.

A candid “ode to anxiety”, Cotchin’s exercise in contemplation is supported by the brittle crash of a hi-hat and a clean, finger-picked guitar melody. Her voice lilts with a slight edginess, as she delivers the emotionally heavy lyrics: “Growing up is a scam / I wish I knew before I signed up.”

Take a listen to ‘Growing Pains’ below:


“‘Growing Pains’ is a super personal song about the realities of growing up,” the artist said of her single in a press release. “It’s about wanting to avoid all responsibilities of adulthood and the anxieties I think we’ve all faced at some point about who we are and where we fit in the world.

“It’s completely okay to be scared of the future and not know who you are. It’s all part of being human!”

To celebrate the release of ‘Growing Pains’, 21-year-old Cotchin will perform a hometown show at The Bird on Saturday June 11. She will also perform tracks from her debut EP, ‘Highways & Heartbreaks’, which was released back in March.

“I’m really enjoying leaning into my rock ‘n’ roll side and I cannot wait to showcase that at this single launch,” Cotchin said of the upcoming show. “Live shows are one of my most favourite aspects of music. I love harnessing the energy from the crowd and giving my all.”