Six Australian record labels unite for ‘Stay Inside’ compilation album

NME Australia premieres its first track, 'Million Dollar Baby' by Dianas

Australian record labels Osborne Again, Dinosaur City Records, Spunk Records, Hotel Motel Records, Blossom Rot Records and Inertia Music have banded together to release the compilation album ‘Stay Inside — Songs from the Great Indoors’, featuring songs by more than 20 artists. NME Australia is premiering its first track, ‘Million Dollar Baby’ by Dianas. Hear it below.

‘Stay Inside’ is intended as not only a gentle reminder to listeners to maintain self-isolation practices amid the coronavirus pandemic, but a means of celebrating the art of music-making.

The album will include contributions from a variety of artists, including Annie Hamilton, Snowy Band, Cool Sounds, Good Morning, Navy Gangs and Emma Shields, with more to be announced. The songs on ‘Stay Inside’ are all “tracks written, recorded or ‘finally finished’ throughout April, straight from the homes of artists we love”, per a press release.


One new track from the album will be released every day throughout the month of April on the album’s Bandcamp page. Listeners who buy the album on Bandcamp will be entitled to all digital releases throughout April, no matter the date of purchase.

All proceeds will go directly to the contributing artists.

Heralding the launch of ‘Stay Inside — Songs from the Great Indoors’ is Melbourne-based indie-rock trio Dianas, with their latest track ‘Million Dollar Baby’. The song will also be on their second studio album, out in May.

“It’s ultimately about wanting someone to be happy and to see themselves the way others see them, as a million dollar baby,” says Dianas singer/guitarist Caitlin Moloney.

Listen to ‘Million Dollar Baby’ below:


“Most artists are concerned about their careers right now, with so many operating from a precarious financial position even before the shutdown,” Dianas band members Moloney and Nathalie Pavlovic told NME Australia.

“Even once the immediate crisis is over, it’s clearly going to take a long time for things to restore to some kind of normal. We can only hope that there’s enough support during this time for everyone who needs it, and we get through this together with as much kindness and caring as possible.”

Dinosaur City Records founder Jordanne Chant told NME Australia she thought ‘Stay Inside’ would be a “nice gesture” for labels to give back to the artists they work with, considering the current circumstances. “I think a lot of our artists are still coming to terms with what is happening and the effects of it all,” Chant said.

“The uncertainty around when they’ll be able to next play a show, or watch live music, or the next time they’ll be able to see family or friends. On top of losing gigs, many artists work casual jobs on the side to support their art. Almost all of the artists we work with have lost their main source of income — as have I.”

As for the title of the comp, Chant explained: “When trying to think of a name, ‘Stay Inside’ kept coming into our head. Our friends at Osborne Again had put out a really lovely compilation called ‘Stay Inside – A Compilation of Quality Music’ a year or two ago, featuring tracks from artists like The Ocean Party, No Local, Emma Russack and more.

“I figured we could ask them if they’d be interested in working on the compilation with us, and if they were keen to use the name again. We ended up asking a couple of other labels too, like Spunk Records, Inertia Music and Blossom Rot, a new label from Body Type’s Sophie McComish and Nat Pavlovic from Dianas.”

‘Stay Inside — Songs from the Great Indoors’ can be purchased/streamed from this Bandcamp page.

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