Sloan Peterson releases a witty new single, ‘Nightmare’

Her label debut with Warner Australia

Sloan Peterson has dropped a new single today (October 20), the ironic yet enchanting ‘Nightmare’.

The new song – Peterson’s debut release with new label Warner Australia and taken from a forthcoming EP – is a lyrical adventure of navigation through a rocky relationship, inspired, according to a press release, by Peterson’s personal experience.

Peterson said that ‘Nightmare’ “is shining a light on the fact that perhaps my expectations in life could come across unrealistic at times, but on the other hand, does that really make me a nightmare or just a strong-minded woman who knows what she wants.


“It’s written in a playful relationship sense but questioning the construct of being deemed bossy or controlling rather than assertive or driven. I think it’s something a few people might relate too, whether it be a personal, social or professional circumstance.”

Merging stylistic nuances of 1960’s French rock with modern electronic pop, in the accompanying official music video we see Peterson attending a funeral, sarcastically mourning the loss of her romantic relationship.

Watch the dramatic video for ‘Nightmare’ below:

As well as the new track, Peterson has announced two intimate shows in Sydney, set to take place next month. Find those dates below.

Peterson – aka Joannah Jackson – borrows her moniker from the character in the 1986 comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


Ealier this year, she featured on ‘Golden Remedy’, a collaborative track between herself and LANKS and Feki.

Sloan Peterson live shows:

Thursday 5 – Lazybones, Sydney
Friday 6 – Lazybones, Sydney