Slowly Slowly announce ‘Race Car Blues’ album sequel, share ‘The Level’

Watch the MTV-aping music video for the new single now

Slowly Slowly have officially announced ‘Race Car Blues – Chapter 2’, a sequel to last year’s album of the same name.

The new 12-track record will be released on February 26 as a double album with the original record, entitled ‘Race Car Blues Extended Edition’. The band have shared ‘The Level’ ahead of its release, after announcing it earlier this week.

The slinky emo groove arrives with a MTV-aping music video, programmed for “Slowly TV” on a show called Softly Softly. After the song ends, the clip pivots to a ’70s-style diner scene where singer Ben Stewart drinks a “Slowly Soda”. Watch it all below.


In a press statement, Stewart said the song was about “fighting your instincts, a head vs heart battle”.

“It’s about not wanting to be swept up in whimsical emotion, stay grounded and be pragmatic about the situation – all while butterflies swim around in your stomach.”

The singer also elaborated on the decision to release a sequel to ‘Race Car Blues’, commenting that the songs on the record were “first envisaged as background information that assisted in connecting the dots of Chapter 1”.

“[They] soon became its own entity and has actually planted a few seeds,” Stewart said.

‘Chapter 2’ will also feature previously released singles ‘Low’ and ‘Comets and Zombies’.


Slowly Slowly can be found on the lineup for recently announced Brisbane festival, Full Tilt, along with NorthlaneIn Hearts WakeYours Truly and Thornhill.

The tracklist of Slowly Slowly’s ‘Race Car Blues – Chapter 2’ is: 

1. ‘Comets & Zombies’
2. ‘The Best Bits’
3. ‘Learning Curve’
4. ‘Low’
5. ‘House On Fire’
6. ‘The Internet’
7. ‘Restless Legs’
8. ‘First Love’ ft. Yours Truly
9. ‘Set The Table (The One That Got Away)’
10. ‘The Level’
11. ‘Small Talk’
12. ‘Anywhere’

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