Slowthai opens up on battle with ADHD: “I can’t explain why I feel these things”

"I shiver 'cause I feel like I'm wearing someone else's skin"

Slowthai has opened up on his battle with ADHD, and says the behavioural condition has left him with a “need to be loved”.

The ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ rapper, real name Tyron Frampton, discussed the condition in a lengthy Twitter post.

“I often laugh when I feel anxious, this awkward laughter only shows how uncomfortable I feel,” wrote Frampton on Twitter. “I’ve always been socially awkward and found it hard to articulate to people how I truly feel, often lie. Sometimes it’s harder to stay quiet than force conversation and it makes my skin crawl.”

Frampton added: “I build myself up from pieces of other people and when I look in the mirror I shiver ’cause I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s skin.”

After explaining how he has a “need to be loved’, Frampton explained how he has previously considered taking his own life.

“I think about the end every night. But I’m too afraid to say goodbye,” he explained.

“ADHD all I want is your undivided attention. The what ifs. I’m selfish and I never cared for sharing. If I was gone would they remember me and would they hurt as I hurt. I’m trying to learn to confine [confide] in myself cause I can’t explain why I feel these things. Even though I laugh, I ask what’s funny.”

Supporting the rapper, one fan responded: “You’re not alone. Often we play the parts we think people want us to play so we’ll be liked, we’ll be loved, & accepted; you are not wrong for wanting to belong. the beautiful thing about you, though, is that you aren’t another cookie-cutter-framed man. you’re so unique.”

His emotional post comes days after he made his first live appearance since apologising for his behaviour at the NME Awards 2020. The rapper appeared on stage during Mura Masa‘s show at Alexandra Palace in London last week to perform ‘Doorman’ and ‘Deal Wiv It’, his two collaborations with the Grammy-winning producer.

It came after he was criticised for his interactions with NME Awards 2020 co-host Katherine Ryan.

During the ceremony, an exchange of words between Ryan and Slowthai escalated to what he later described as “a point of shameful actions on my part”. Later in the show, Slowthai left the ceremony following an altercation with an audience member who accused him of misogyny while accepting the fan-voted Hero Of The Year Award.

The next day, he apologised for his actions and offered to give up his fan-voted Hero Of The Year Award.

An NME spokesperson said at the time: “The safety of all attendees and presenters is and always will be our number one priority. We want everyone at our events to have a good time and feel comfortable.

“We would like to extend our thanks to our incredible hosts Katherine Ryan and Julie Adenuga for making it a brilliant night.”

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