Slowthai shares note on ‘TYRON’ release: “I cannot allow this virus to keep holding us back”

His team were considering pushing back the album due to the new national lockdown

Slowthai has shared a note confirming his second album ‘TYRON’ will be coming out as planned on February 5.

In the message posted on Twitter, the rapper said he and his team had had discussions about postponing the release due to the new national lockdown imposed today (January 5).

“It’s almost a year since this virus took hold of our world and shattered the lives of thousands,” he wrote. “Deaths, unemployment, rise in domestic abuse and suicide, business closures, educational crisis and a rise in homelessness to name a few of the overwhelming negatives this pandemic has caused.”


Slowthai noted that he had struggled with his mental health during the last year and said he “wanted to let you know that you’re not alone if you feel the same”. He added that he was trying to “stay positive and look forward on ways in which we can come out of this and make this whole world a better place for every one of us”.

Speaking about the release of ‘TYRON’, he told fans the new lockdown would mean he wasn’t able to “bring to life all the ideas we had planned for you” – one of the reasons his team were considering pushing back the record. Confirming the album would be released as planned, Slowthai said: “I cannot allow this virus to keep holding us back.”

“Films, art and music have helped me most in my darkest moments and with the majority of this album being made last year I would hope that it can help someone as a distraction amongst the chaos and shift their mindset positively.” Read his note in full above now.

Slowthai shared a new song called ‘Thoughts’ last month to celebrate his 26th birthday (December 18). The track, which was produced by JD. Reid, will not feature on ‘TYRON’.