Snoop Dogg announces new album ‘Take It From A G’

The legendary rapper's 18th studio album is due to arrive in December

Snoop Dogg has announced he’ll be releasing a new album called ‘Take It From A G’ in December, which follows last year’s ‘I Wanna Thank Me’.

The legendary rapper shared the news on Instagram in a video that features a toy low-rider, decked out in purple and gold L.A. Lakers colours, driving around the streets while an untitled song plays in the background.

As the video comes to a close, a graphic pops up that reveals ‘Take It From A G’ will be released in December.


Snoop’s new album follows the release of last year’s ‘I Wanna Thank Me’, which includes the track ‘Let Bygones Be Bygones’, where he pays tribute to one-time enemy Suge Knight.

Reminiscing on the 1990s, the nostalgic track hears Snoop pay tribute to the former Death Row Records’ CEO’s leadership skills, as he casts Knight in a surprisingly sympathetic light.

At one point, Snoop raps: “Studio every night to the early morn’/ Bloods and Crips all moving on one accord/ Cuz did that/ took Death Row to the top, my boys did that!

He also references Knight bailing 2Pac out of prison in February 1996 – a move that resulted in the late rap legend signing to Death Row and joining a roster that at the time included Dr. Dre, Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound.

Snoop even claims responsibility for 2Pac’s move to Death Row, as he raps: “I was at the motherfuckin’ top/ When I hit my ni**a Suge and said you need to grab Pac.


Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg has criticised Donald Trump by calling him a “racist” who is “disrespecting every colour”.

The rapper also told the US president to earn the public’s votes in the lead up to the 2020 US election.

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