Snowy and Lachlan Denton share lo-fi new album ‘Phone In’

The Pop Filter bandmates team up for a surprise new collaboration

Snowy (Liam Halliwell) and Lachlan Denton – bandmates in Pop Filter and formerly The Ocean Party – have released a surprise new collaborative album ‘Phone In’.

The record was released on Tuesday (May 11) to little fanfare. On Instagram, Snowy added a brief note about the record: “One day two years ago Lachlan and I tried to record an album and then forgot about it til today when we remembered it then finished it”.

The title appears to allude to an effect on multiple songs, where spoken word is modulated to sound like it’s coming down a phone line. The material largely sits in a similar realm to Pop Filter’s recent output, albeit more lo-fi.


The exception is the opening track ‘Well You Don’t Have To Agree’ which features a pitched-down spoken word mock cross-examination of someone in Australian parliament accused of procuring illegal foreign visas. A cover of Eliza Band’s ‘The Preston Front’ also features.

Listen to ‘Phone In’ below.

The painted album cover, done by Denton, was sold as a limited edition of one.

‘Phone In’ is the second official collaboration by the duo billed as Lachlan & Snowy – in 2018, the pair released ‘Six Songs And Six Songs More’, compiling two EPs.

It’s the second bedroom-style release from Snowy in two months, after surprise releasing ‘Fax’ in March, a record he has since removed from Bandcamp.


The pair played in Pop Filter last year, releasing the two full-length albums ‘Banksia’ and ‘Donkey Gully Road’, the latter of which NME gave four stars.

The tracklist of Lachlan & Snowy’s ‘Phone In’ is:

1. ‘Well You Don’t Have To Agree’
2. ‘Every Song Is A Horse’
3. ‘Blame It On The Seasons’
4. ‘Triple End’
5. ‘Other Side Of Me’
6. ‘The Preston Front (Eliza Band Cover)’
7. ‘Every Song Is A Horse Pt. II’
8. ‘Faults’
9. ‘Moving Lips’
10. ‘Death Road Trucker’