Snowy Band share new single ‘Whatever You Want’

“I’ve seen/The Airbnb where I die in my sleep," Liam Halliwell sings on the track.

Snowy Band have shared ‘Whatever You Want’, the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Alternate Endings’.

The new track ruminates on a single chord sequence that ebbs and flows throughout with Liam Halliwell’s trademark hushed vocals. The hazy finish on the song sounds like AM Radio, with the drums more a texture than a timekeeper.

Listen to ‘Whatever You Want’ below.


The band shared a mini-analysis of the song’s themes in a press release, noting that it was originally called ‘Death of a Yes-Man’, exploring “the extremes we are capable of in the name of love”.

“Despite all of the song’s hyperbole of devotion it is undercut by the opening line ‘I’ve got a history / That cannot help repeating‘ suggesting these are patterns of destruction,” the band wrote.

“The song was inspired itself by recurring anxiety dreams; running late to catch doomed flights and trains, trying in vain to perform unmemorised lines onstage, endlessly checking into shared accommodation of tiny rooms stacked with children’s bunk-beds. ‘I’ve seen / The Airbnb where I die in my sleep’ is the songs bleak premonition, an unremarkable death in the depths of the gig economy. Not even nearly as romantic as a classic overdose in a hotel room.”

‘Whatever You Want’ follows first single ‘Living With Myself’, released last month. Snowy Band’s ‘Alternate Endings’ will be released on August 27 via Spunk.

The band released their debut album, ‘Audio Commentary’ early last year on the cusp of the pandemic, preventing live performance of the material until early this year.


In the interim, Halliwell went on to form part of Pop Filter, who released two albums last year, ‘Banksia’ and ‘Donkey Gully Road’.

Halliwell and Lachlan Denton, also a member of Pop Filter, released the joint album, ‘Phone In’, earlier this year. Halliwell put out ‘Fax’ in March, an album recorded in bed, exclusively on Bandcamp, before later removing it.