Snowy of Snowy Band shares new album ‘Fax’, recorded “in bed”

The surprise six-track album is available on Bandcamp for a limited time only

Snowy of Snowy Band has shared a surprise six-track album, entitled ‘Fax’.

In a short explanatory statement, Liam Halliwell (Snowy) said he recorded the album on Tuesday (March 2) in bed.

“Listened back today, turns out it’s my favourite thing i’ve done. Up for now. Might delete later,” he wrote.


‘Fax’ is available exclusively on Bandcamp, for a limited time only. Listen to or purchase it below.

It’s a lo-fi departure from Snowy Band’s 2020 debut album, ‘Audio Commentary’, recorded with just treble-heavy, finger-picked guitar and vocals.

‘Fax’ features various vocal experimentations from Halliwell; ‘Habit (Do What)’ is led by a repeated spoken word refrain (“I’ve got to get back into the habit/ Of making something out of nothing“), while Halliwell pitch-shifts his vocals to a low baritone on the final three tracks. The format recalls John Frusciante’s early solo albums.

The album cover of Snowy Band's 'Fax'
The album cover of Snowy Band’s ‘Fax’. Photo credit: Bandcamp.

Snowy Band released their debut album, ‘Audio Commentary’, in March 2020, and have recently begun promoting it in live shows with restrictions easing in Victoria.


During a recent show at the Corner Hotel with Cool Sounds, Halliwell mentioned the group had just finished recording a second album – separate to ‘Fax’.

They debuted some of that new material at a separate show with Dannika, filmed and uploaded to YouTube by a member of the crowd here.

Halliwell also spent 2020 recording with Pop Filter, a spiritual successor to his former band, The Ocean Party. He played on both of their albums last year — ‘Banksia’ and ‘Donkey Gully Road’, the latter of which NME gave four stars.