Something For Kate announce first album in eight years, ‘The Modern Medieval’

The album's third single, 'Supercomputer', is out today

Aussie rockers Something For Kate have announced their first album in eight years, ‘The Modern Medieval’, set for release later this year.

Two tracks have already been lifted from the forthcoming LP, ‘Situation Room’ and ‘Waste Our Breath’, with the third, ‘Supercomputer’, released today (September 3).

Watch the video for ‘Supercomputer’ below:


“It’s about the hidden rooms inside your brain where things sit in the dark gathering dust… until you fall asleep and dream and it’s like someone stormed into one of those rooms and turned all the lights on,” frontman Paul Dempsey said of the new single.

‘The Modern Medieval’ will arrive on November 20 through Universal Australia and will be their first full-length release since 2012’s ‘Leave Your Soul To Science’. Since 2012, Dempsey has gone on to release one original solo album, ‘Strange Loop’, and a covers album, ‘Shotgun Karaoke’.

According to Dempsey, ‘The Modern Medieval’ will feature the “most eclectic mix of songs we’ve had on an album”.

“Every song we work on is a concentrated effort. It has to be right. For me, that means not a word out of place and not a note out of place. That takes a lot of time, but no-one lets anything slide in this band,” he said.

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