Sonic Youth release ‘Hold That Tiger’ live album on Bandcamp

A tempo and pitch-corrected version of the 1987 recording

Sonic Youth are continuing to dig through the archives, sharing an updated version of their 1991 bootleg ‘Hold That Tiger’ to their Bandcamp.

As the band’s Steve Shelley explains in the album’s description, ‘Hold That Tiger’ was recorded back in 1987. It was released as a semi-official bootleg LP in 1991.

“The recording was nearly 60-minutes in length, so to prevent manufacturing a cost-prohibitive double LP, the master was slightly sped-up to fit the entire concert… on one single LP,” Shelley wrote.


The bootleg was remastered for CD reissue in 1998. However, while the audio quality was improved, the tempo and pitch were not corrected – until now. Pitch-corrected by the band’s Lee Ranaldo, ‘Hold That Tiger’ is now available through Sonic Youth’s Bandcamp page.

“We are pleased to make available the best-sounding version of Hold That Tiger via the Sonic Youth Archive on Bandcamp.”

‘Hold That Tiger’ sees the experimental rock legends performing at Cabaret Metro in Chicago, Illinois back in October 1987, a few months after the release of fourth album ‘Sister’. The setlist includes an assortment of ‘Sister’ and ‘EVOL’ tracks, along with multiple Ramones covers.

Sonic Youth have been sharing a wide array of live recordings to their Bandcamp page of late. In March, the band uploaded 12 archival sets to the platform. Most recently, they shared a recording of their 2000 set at the inaugural All Tomorrow’s Parties festival.

Stream ‘Hold That Tiger’ below.