Sorn reunites with Yeeun and Seungyeon in ‘Nirvana Girl’ music video: “We work together really well as though we’re still CLC”

The Thai singer tells NME about the trio's chemistry despite the demise of CLC and what other solo music she has in the works

Former CLC singer Sorn has released her fourth solo single ‘Nirvana Girl’ alongside a music video featuring bandmates Yeeun and Seungyeon.

The new dance-pop track was released on September 15 alongside a music video featuring all three former members of the seven-piece CUBE Entertainment girl group, who disbanded in May this year.

Yeeun performs her rap verse in the video, while Seungyeon, who is not credited on the song itself, makes an appearance alongside Sorn on a dancefloor. “I’m on my way to be Nirvana girl, a newer better me / Out of this world, enlightened and free / Nirvana girl, that’s what I’m gonna be,” Sorn sings on the liberatory chorus.


Speaking to NME on her creative process behind ‘Nirvana Girl’, Sorn shared that she drew inspiration from a visit to a temple. The Thai singer described the new song as a mix of her personal relationship with religion as well as her experience being part of the K-pop industry for the past 10 years.

“I sat down with my producers and talked about my journey when I was with CLC and the struggles I had, so we [fused] religion with the story and came up with the theme of ‘Nirvana Girl’,” she told NME.

“The song is really special because I really wanted a rapper on this track so I couldn’t think of anyone better than Yeeun,” Sorn said, adding that she had been in discussions with the former CLC rapper since the start of 2022.

“I also have Seungyeon, who is our leader from CLC, on board. I wanted a dance for the song, and I was like, ‘Who else would be the best at making [the choreography] other than Seungyeon?’”

Despite having not released new music together in two years, Sorn shared that returning to work with Yeeun and Seungyeon felt comfortable. “We have that chemistry of working together for the past 10 years; we work together really well as though we’re still CLC,” she gushed. “It’s like working with your best friends, where you just sit together in a room. You don’t really have to talk much but you just connect with each other.”


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CLC. Credit: CUBE Entertainment

Sorn revealed that coming out as a solo musician felt “sad, not having the support” from her members. “I mean, I still have the support but physically – on stage – or when I release stuff, it’s just my face, it’s just me. It’s quite a lot of pressure, because now it’s just me taking responsibility for every single [piece of] music I release without my girls there.”

Nevertheless, she said she was deeply thankful for her time with CLC. “I’m grateful that I was able to go through that whole K-pop journey. Because I had that experience, I’m [now] able to be who I am today.”

‘Nirvana Girl’ is Sorn’s fourth digital single as a soloist so far and is the third released this year, following February’s ‘Sharp Objects’ and April’s ‘Scorpio’. She has more music in the works, she told NME: “Actually, I have one more song that I’m working on, which will probably be released [in the] beginning of next year. When that song comes out, I’m hoping to be able to just work on a full album.”