Soulwax to re-release new digital edition of ‘Nite Versions’ for its 15th anniversary

"This album was our attempt at showing that even though we were seen as a revelation in dance music, we were rock kids playing in a rock band"

Soulwax are set to re-release a new digital version of ‘Nite Versions’ for the album’s 15th anniversary.

Originally released in 2005, ‘Nite Versions’ is a collection of remixes of songs from 2004’s ‘Any Minute Now.’ The 15-year anniversary re-release will be available digitally from November 27 via PIAS. A special re-pressing on pink and white vinyl is also set to “follow shortly” according to a press release.

The re-release will include a new digital re-working of ‘NY Lips’ which will feature a spoken word performance by LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Wang.


The rework was originally made for a fashion show – Drier Van Noten men’s Spring/Summer 2020 in collaboration with the brand’s musical creative director, Bache Jespers.

You can listen to the song below:

Speaking about the collaboration on this, Soulwax said: “Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked by Dries Van Noten to create the soundtrack to a number of his runway shows. In 2011 we were given the opportunity to do so with the stems from David Bowie’s Heroes and in 2019 Dries asked us to do the same with one of our own songs, NY Lipps.

“This particular collection was inspired by Fassbinder’s Querelle which contained the song Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves. We thought it would be fitting to use Nancy Whang who sang on the original, speaking the words to the Oscar Wilde poem in this version.”

Speaking about the re-release and the ‘Nite Versions’ album, they added: “This album was our attempt at showing that even though we were seen as a revelation in dance music, we were rock kids playing in a rock band.


“For a few of the singles we released off that album, we had asked other people to remix our tracks, but even though we liked them, we realised we wouldn’t play them in our own DJ sets.

“So, we decided to remix ourselves. Even though the name Nite Versions is a nod to the Night Versions remixes of the first Duran Duran singles which broke them in the US, conceptually our biggest influence was an album from 1982 called Love and Dancing by The League Unlimited Orchestra, which was essentially the hit album Dare by The Human League remixed by them and their producer in such a simple way that to this day still sounds more interesting than the original to us.”

They concluded: “The Nite Versions album only became an album after we had made a few of them for the single releases and we then realised we should remix the whole album which we did in a few weeks’ time in between our ever-increasing DJ touring life”

Back in September, Soulwax shared a new remix of Róisín Murphy’s ‘Something More’.

The original version of the track appears on Murphy’s ‘Róisín Machine’, which arrived on September 25.

Speaking about ‘Something More’ upon the original track’s release back in June, Murphy said: “I interpreted it as a swan-song to how we once lived, there’s plenty of bravado in the lyrics and the character is a kind of antihero but the indefinable yearning and the feeling of arriving at a point of emptiness is universal right now!”