South Australian Government commits extra $10million in arts funding

The move was welcomed by the state's peak representative arts body

The South Australian Government will allocate an additional $10million to the state’s arts sector in a new funding package.

Announced today (September 24), the funding from the package will prioritise partnerships between artists and arts organisations, the reopening of theatres and festivals, the development and curation of new digital content, and mentorship. The new amount brings the state government’s funding for the arts to $20million.

“We know that in addition to the economic benefits, the arts play an essential role in helping people to connect, which is now more important than ever,” Premier Steven Marshall said in a statement.


“Many people’s lives have been interrupted, and the solace, inspiration and enjoyment that the arts bring will contribute to our community’s wellbeing.”

The move was praised by the Arts Industry Council of South Australia, which had previously lobbied the Marshall Government for additional funds for the sector. However, the arts body “continues to be very concerned by the implementation of JobKeeper federally”.

“We know from the response to the Government’s first arts package, which saw a large number of applications for COVID-19 relief, as well as ABS data and other evidence, that artists and arts workers are doing it really tough right now but also that there is an enormous amount of creative work that has been happening in South Australia,” chairperson Gail Kovatseff said in a statement.

“This second package really backs the arts sector and its important role in South Australia’s community and economy.”


Back in May, the government allocated $1million to live music venues, including $300,000 for well-known establishment The Gov.

In other related news, the New South Wales opposition has introduced a bill to amend state-based regulations and ease restrictions on indoor live music events.