Splendour In The Grass attendees reportedly facing bogged cars and delays leaving festival site

The festival endured a number of disruptions including heavy rainfall, site flooding, a full-day cancellation of performances and staff shortages

The 2022 iteration of Splendour In The Grass is over, but some attendees have reportedly had their cars bogged down in mud and are facing delays leaving the festival site.

The Byron Bay event was affected by heavy rain on Friday, leading to the cancellation of all mainstage acts that day (July 22). Programming proceeded as planned on Saturday and Sunday, but attendees still had to grapple with mud and weather-damaged tents.

As the ABC reports today (July 25), some festivalgoers have had to push their bogged cars out of the muddy campgrounds to leave the site, with tractors reportedly brought in to help.


“I would say like 50 per cent of the cars down here are going to need to be pushed out,” Ewan Roxburgh, a festival attendee, told ABC. “We’ve already spoken to the girls down the road in the campervan and they’re pretty bogged.”

“I’m kind of worried,” said another punter, Sarah Shin, when asked about driving out. “I feel like everyone … will try and get out as quick as possible, so we’ll see.”

According to The Daily Aussome attendees have been told that it may be days before their cars are able to get out of the Byron Bay site. Splendour has yet to respond to these particular delays.

It’s the latest in a string of transport-related difficulties the event faced over the weekend, beginning with long traffic queues and delays of up to 12 hours for punters entering the site last week. Splendour organisers cited “weather and staff shortages” as the cause, and were forced to redirect incoming campers from the North Byron site to Byron Events Farm due to the rainfall.

Saturday night also brought issues with bus shortages which left some waiting over four hours for transport out of the site. People took to TikTok to share their frustrations, with one punter writing: “It’s 4am. We have been waiting 4.5 hours for a bus out of Splendour In The Grass.


“Not to mention the first 3 hours was just a confused mass of people with no directions or instructions.”


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Organisers responded to complaints the following day, writing: “We hear you and we understand your frustration with our bus services last night. Our event site closes at 2am and 90% of our bus patrons were offsite by 3:30am, like it was in 2019.”

“Unfortunately, some of our Tweed routes experienced extended delays due to bus driver shortages. We estimate that approx. 1000 people were affected.”

In a follow-up post, they said: “We know last night’s journey home was shitty for some of you. While it doesn’t excuse the delay, the fact is some of the buses we ordered didn’t show up and that had a significant impact.”