Spotify unveils its most-streamed K-pop songs of 2022, featuring BTS, BLACKPINK and more

Three BTS songs have made it to the top five this year – see the full list here

Spotify has shared a list of the platform’s 50 most-streamed K-pop tracks of 2022, featuring songs from artists like BTS, BLACKPINK, IVE and more.

The music streaming service launched its annual Spotify Wrapped event yesterday (November 30), sharing data on the platform’s most-streamed artists, music and podcasts, as well as allowing individual users to look back on personalised listening statistics in the past year.

As part of the Wrapped 2022 launch, Spotify also shared a list of the top 50 K-pop songs with the most streams this year. Three BTS songs have emerged in the top five of the list this year: 2020 track ‘Dynamite’ and 2021’s ‘Butter’ nabbed the first two spots respectively, while ‘Yet To Come’, lifted from their ‘Proof’ anthology album released this year, came in fifth. Last year’s list saw ‘Butter’ in first place and ‘Dynamite’ in second.


The list’s third and fourth spots went to girl group BLACKPINK; ‘Pink Venom’ claimed its spot as the third most-streamed K-pop song of the year, while member Lisa’s solo song ‘Money’ came in fourth.

K-pop newcomers IVE claimed the sixth spot on the list with breakout hit ‘Love Dive’, while BLACKPINK followed after with comeback song ‘Shut Down’. Completing the top 10 are BTS member V’s ‘Christmas Tree’, BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance’ and ‘With You’ by BTS’ Jimin and soloist Ha Sung-woon, respectively. ‘With You’ was a track released as part of the official soundtrack of K-drama Our Blues

ive starship entertainment single album
IVE. Credits: Starship Entertainment

Other artists with songs on Spotify’s list include TWICE, BTS’ Jungkook, ENHYPEN, Psy, Stray Kids, TWICE’s Nayeon and more. See the full list of the top 50 most-streamed K-pop songs on Spotify, as compiled in this playlist by the platform, below.

BTS have also come in as the most-streamed K-pop artist of the year on Spotify across the globe, with BLACKPINK, TWICE, Stray Kids and SEVENTEEN following after. The seven-piece K-pop juggernauts were also the fourth most viral artist globally, a metric determined by how frequently an artist’s music was shared from Spotify to other social media platforms. The top three most viral artists of the year were Bad Bunny, The Weeknd and Taylor Swift.

Spotify users can access their personalised Spotify Wrapped analytics via the platform’s iOS and Android apps via the 2022 Wrapped hub. Users are required to have the most-updated version of the app installed.

The most-streamed K-pop songs globally in 2022, according to Spotify Wrapped, are:

  1. ‘Dynamite’ by BTS
  2. ‘Butter’ by BTS
  3. ‘Pink Venom’ by BLACKPINK
  4. ‘Money’ by BLACKPINK’s Lisa
  5. ‘Yet To Come’ by BTS
  6. ‘LOVE DIVE’ by IVE
  7. ‘Shut Down’ by BLACKPINK
  8. ‘Christmas Tree’ by BTS’ V
  9. ‘Permission To Dance’ by BTS
  10. ‘With you’ by BTS’ Jimin, Ha Sung-woon
  11. ‘Stay Alive’ by BTS’ Jungkook, prod. by Suga
  12. ‘Boy With Luv’ by BTS featuring Halsey
  13. The Feels’ by TWICE
  14. ‘Run BTS’ by BTS
  15. ‘ELEVEN’ by IVE
  16. ‘Polaroid Love’ by ENHYPEN
  17. ‘How You Like That’ by BLACKPINK
  18. ‘That That’ by Psy featuring BTS’ Suga
  20. ‘Maniac’ by Stray Kids
  21. ‘POP!’ by TWICE’s Nayeon
  22. ‘WA DA DA’ by Kep1er
  24. ‘Life Goes On’ by BTS
  25. ‘Tomboy’ by (G)I-DLE
  26. ‘Euphoria’ by BTS
  27. ‘LALISA’ by BLACKPINK’s Lisa
  28. ‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans
  29. ‘After LIKE’ by IVE
  30. ‘Zoom’ by Jessi
  31. ‘More’ by BTS’ J-hope
  32. ‘Fake Love’ by BTS
  33. ‘Loco’ by ITZY
  34. ‘Kill This Love’ by BLACKPINK
  35. ‘O.O’ by NMIXX
  36. ‘Filter’ by BTS
  37. ‘Step Back’ by GOT The Beat
  38. ‘Attention’ by NewJeans
  40. ‘Fever’ by ENHYPEN
  41. ‘Lovesick Girls’ by BLACKPINK
  42. ‘Talk That Talk’ by TWICE
  43. ‘Thunderous’ by Stray Kids
  44. ‘Feel My Rhythm’ by Red Velvet
  45. ‘Solo’ by BLACKPINK’s Jennie
  46. ‘Only’ by Lee Hi
  47. ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ by BTS
  48. ‘DNA’ by BTS
  49. ‘Savage’ by aespa
  50. ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ by TWICE

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