Springtime release new single ‘Will To Power’, detail self-titled debut album

The record sports input from Ian Duhig, a two-time winner of the UK’s prestigious National Poetry Competition

Springtime – the art-rock supergroup of Gareth Liddiard (Tropical Fuck Storm, The Drones), Jim White (Dirty Three, PJ Harvey) and Chris Abrahams (The Necks) – have shared a gloomy new single titled ‘Will To Power’, and the news of their forthcoming debut album.

Released today (September 22), ‘Will To Power’ is a vexing and visceral cut of alt-rock fused with elements of free jazz, the soundscape growing more cluttered and intense as Liddiard takes aim at the likes of “con men, con jobs, moralisers, modern saviours, agonisers, snake oil pundits, mass psychosis, ism schism [and] hocus pocus”.

Take a look at the film clip for ‘Will To Power’, directed by Matt McGuigan, below:


In a press release, Liddiard touched on the bold and politically charged themes he explores in ‘Will To Power’, saying: “The human race as a whole just can’t seem to do nothing. They have to do more, more, more. Why can’t they just lounge about like lizards or kangaroos? What’s wrong with that?

“Look at rocks, they exist. Job done, game over. No need to do or be anything more. And why does the universe exist? For something so fundamentally elegant and simple it sure is overcooked. You want simplicity and elegance? How about just not existing at all. Why the need to be anything? it’s so needless. ‘Will To Power’ is just a disco jam about all that.”

‘Will To Power’ comes as Springtime’s first proper studio release, following a live recording of the song ‘Penumbra’ (which they said at the time was “not an official single, just a taste of what’s to come”) back in May.

The band’s eponymous debut album – which doesn’t appear to include ‘Penumbra’ – is set to land on November 5 via Liddiard’s own TFS Records imprint, in tandem with Joyful Noise Recordings. It features a cover of the Will Oldham track ‘West Palm Beach’, which today’s (September 22) press release notes “was recorded live, treated with love and respect, and would certainly be met with open arms by the author”.


The record also sports input from Liddiard’s uncle, Ian Duhig, a two-time winner of the UK’s prestigious National Poetry Competition. Duhig’s poems reportedly served as the basis for tracks ‘Viaduct Love Suicide’ and ‘Jeanie In A Bottle’, the latter of which also featuring a guest spot from Fiona Kitschin (who also plays with Liddiard in Tropical Fuck Storm and The Drones).

Springtime made their live debut earlier this year with a series of sold-out shows in their batting grounds of Melbourne. They were slated to perform their debut album in full at this year’s incarnation of Sydney’s Vivid festival, however the event was cancelled due to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

The tracklisting for Springtime’s self-titled debut album is:

1. ‘Will To Power’
2. ‘The Viaduct Love Suicide’
3. ‘Jeanie In A Bottle’
4. ‘She Moved Through The Fair’
5. ‘The Island’
6. ‘West Palm Beach’
7. ‘The Killing Of The Village Idiot’