STAYC reveal ‘Stereotype’ had been written for the group before their debut

"It felt too much of a waste to keep it to ourselves"

STAYC have revealed that their newest title track ‘Stereotype’ had been written prior to their debut as a group.

During a recently online press conference, the K-pop act spoke about their latest release and how ‘Stereotype’ had been written specifically for the group even before their debut. “This is a song that we received when we had been chosen for the debut lineup,” Seeun said, as translated by Soompi.

“It felt too much of a waste to keep it to ourselves and we wanted to share it with fans as soon as possible,” she added. “It’s very meaningful for us to be releasing it now, and since we practiced it for so long, we have confidence in it.


The track was produced by Black Eyed Pilseung, the co-founder of the group’s agency High Up Entertainment, and are known for working on hits such as TWICE’s ‘Fancy’ and Chung Ha’s ‘Gotta Go’.

‘Stereotype’ is the title track of STAYC’s first-ever mini-album of the same name. Black Eyed Pilseung also wrote and composed the other tracks on ‘Stereotype’, alongside Jeon Goon.

‘Stereotype’ is also the follow-up to their two highly-successful single albums ‘STAYDOM’ and ‘Star To A Young Culture’. The former, which arrived earlier in April, featured the group’s breakout title track ‘ASAP’.

‘Staydom’, released in April this year, was awarded four stars in a review by NME’s Sofiana Ramli, who described the record as “a hopeful preview of STAYC’s future”. She added: “While STAYC might playfully declare things are “going down” in their slogan, ‘STAYDOM’ proves otherwise, because it’s only up from here on for the girl group”.