Step-Panther make their return with first single in two years, ‘Bike Lock’

Set to appear on Farmer And The Owl's compilation album, 'Family Values'

Wollongong trio Step-Panther have marked their return today, with the release of their first single in two years, ‘Bike Lock’.

The song, while not being specifically for an album of their own, is set to appear on Farmer & The Owl’s forthcoming compilation album ‘Family Values’.

‘Bike Lock’ is the first track we’ve heard from ‘Family Values’ – scheduled to drop Friday September 25 – with the entire album consisting of tracks from artists on the label that received limited releases or no release at all.


Listen to ‘Bike Lock’ below:

“I can confirm it is a nice song and a fun song,” frontman Steve Bourke said of the song in a press statement.

“We hope the audience enjoy the slide guitar and other special effects we added to enhance the song. Other than that wow it’s a real trip!”

Step-Panther is just one of a slew of acts that are set to appear on ‘Family Values’. The record is also set to feature tracks by Hockey Dad, The Pinheads, Bad//Dreems, Bec Sandridge, Totally Unicorn, Moonbase, Paradise Club and more.


‘Bike Lock’ marks the first release of Step-Panther since they dropped double single ‘Sophomore Shrug/Nice Family’. Their most recent album ‘Strange But Nice’ dropped back in 2014.

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