Stephen Cummings in hospital after suffering a stroke

The former Sports singer is currently in a stable condition

Melbourne singer-songwriter Stephen Cummings has suffered a mild stroke.

Cummings shared the news yesterday (March 11) in a Facebook post from his bed at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital.

“It seems there was a reason I had trouble with my left hand playing guitar in Brisbane. I had a mild stroke,” Cummings wrote, alongside pictures of him in the hospital.


“MRI confirms it was my first and only stroke, small clot from who knows where effecting left side (sic). I’ll be in hospital getting rehab for 2-3 weeks so shows on hold for now.”

Read his full post below.

Cummings was in the middle of a national acoustic tour before the stroke happened. He was set to play Melbourne’s Merri Creek Tavern this Saturday (March 14), with shows at Adelaide’s Wheatsheaf Hotel and Melbourne’s Memo Music Hall on March 22 and April 2, respectively.

The tour had marked something of a comeback after announcing he was “retiring” last year. “This is my Johnny Farnham tour,” Cummings told the Sydney Morning Herald last year. “I’ve just had enough of it all.”

The acoustic tour was prompted by Cummings growing “bored” with his retirement. The upcoming dates have now been cancelled. It’s unclear whether Cummings intends to reschedule the dates.


Last year, Cummings released his 20th solo studio album ‘Prisoner of Love’ as well as the 50-song retrospective anthology ‘A Life is a Life’. Cummings’ career spans nearly five decades, including a stint as the lead singer of successful ’70s Australian rock band The Sports.

In the aforementioned Sydney Morning Herald interview, the singer-songwriter and three time author hinted he might be working on another book.

“I just sort of feel like it would be good for me to take a year off and not think about anything to do with music at all,” Cummings said.