Steve Kilbey releases new album with Gareth Koch

The duo's second full-length collaboration

Steve Kilbey, best known as the frontman of The Church, has released a new album with guitarist Gareth Koch. Koch uploaded the record, entitled ‘Songs From Another Life: Music Of Antiquity’ to Bandcamp yesterday (May 18).

The record is apparently a concept album, inspired by ancient civilisations such as Rome, Byzantium and Nineveh.

“It has long been thought that the music of the ancients had never been notated,” Koch and Kilbey wrote on Bandcamp.


The duo claims to have drawn on the expertise of archaeologists while making their album.

“[We] held long and deep consultations with archaeologists who recently have come relatively close to deciphering musical scripts glyphs and pictograms, gathered from such cities as Rome, Nineveh, Byzantium, Tyre, Carthage and Ilium, the site of ancient Troy,” the pair wrote.

Kilbey performs bass guitar on the record and takes the reigns on vocals. His co-conspirator, Koch, handles guitars of all descriptions, most notably flamenco and classical guitars. The duo share percussion and keyboard duties.

It isn’t the first time Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch have collaborated on new music. The two performers released the album ‘Chryse Planitia’ in 2019 as well as the singles ‘Broken Toys’ and ‘Lost at Sea’.

Click here to purchase or stream ‘Songs From Another Life: Music Of Antiquity’.