Stevie Jean looks to her heritage in new single ‘Stress Me Out’

Connecting with her Cypriot roots

Northern Territory singer/songwriter Stevie Jean is back today (July 10) with a brand new single, ‘Stress Me Out’.

In a press statement, Jean was candid about the influence of her vices on the new release, and the calming rituals she has when things get a bit too much. “Whenever the world gets too much for me, I too turn to coffee and nicotine,” she said.

“Fight with someone you love? Coffee and a baby cigar. Tragedy strikes? Coffee and a baby cigar.”


Listen to ‘Stress Me Out’ here.

These rituals, Jean explained, stem from her Cypriot roots and her observations of her father’s similar ritualistic behaviours.

“My father is the captain of a ship and for as long as I can remember when he gets lonely he blasts his favorite records in the wheelhouse and each morning, around 4AM, he has a moment to himself before the crew wakes up.”

“He stands on the balcony outside the wheelhouse and he has this ritual; a bitter black coffee, a cigarette and he stares out into the horizon… at that moment he’s paying homage to the homeland.”

“Like most things in my father’s culture, it’s also a celebration… it is balance. The caffeine reminds you that you are alive, the nicotine sends the world into slow motion. Absolutely atrocious for your health, but not a bad stress reliever.”


Stevie Jean first made waves on the scene in 2018 when her song, ‘Hell In Every Religion’, was featured on triple j Unearthed. A collaboration with rapper Tasman Keith, ‘Prey’, landed just before her debut solo EP.