Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost has entered a rehabilitation facility

Following a court case around an altercation between him and bandmate Paddy Cornwall

Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost has entered into a rehabilitation facility following a court case around an altercation between he and fellow bandmate Paddy Cornwall.

Frost’s lawyer, Paul FC McGirr, confirmed to NME that Frost had his criminal charge of affray dismissed, as the Daily Telegraph reported earlier this week.

McGirr also told NME that Frost has “voluntarily entered rehabilitation and is committed and dedicated to getting himself well”.


Earlier this month, Cornwall was convicted on a charge of affray, after the Downing Centre Local Court heard that he punched Frost over 30 times during an altercation in Marrickville.

Cornwall’s legal team alleged that Frost has a history of physically confronting the bassist, including one incident in which he struck Cornwall with a cymbal. The team also unsuccessfully sought to have Cornwall’s charges dismissed on mental health grounds.

Affray, as described by the NSW Crimes Act 1900, is when a person uses or threatens unlawful violence towards another, and whose conduct would cause a person of “reasonable firmness” present at the time to fear for their personal safety.

Cornwall was given an 18-month prison sentence, which he will serve in the community.

As part of his community-based sentence, Cornwall has been ordered to abstain from drinking alcohol or using drugs throughout the 18 months, or he will risk being sent to prison.