Watch Stray Kids and BtoB perform ‘Thunderous’ together

“It’s an honour to be nominated alongside our seniors"

BtoB recently joined Stray Kids on stage to perform the latter’s new single ‘Thunderous’.

During the September 9 episode of Mnet’s M Countdown, one of South Korea’s weekly music programmes, Stray Kids took home the trophy for their recent single ‘Thunderous’, from their album ‘NOEASY’. Nominated for first place alongside them were BtoB with ‘Outsider’.

“It’s an honour to be nominated alongside our seniors, BtoB. We would like to share the honour of this award with BtoB,” said the group’s leader, Bang Chan, during their acceptance speech. BtoB then made their way to Stray Kids’ side of the stage, and the groups performed together for the encore stage of ‘Thunderous’.



The two boybands had grown close after participating in Mnet’s reality TV competition programme Kingdom: Legendary War earlier this year, where Stray Kids emerged as the winners. They later shared what they had learned from BtoB in an interview with SPOTV News.

“I felt a lot while personally watching the senior group that I like the most and have always thought were really cool,” said rapper Changbin. “Not just their performances, but I want to emulate their consistent passion for music and performing, as well as the proficiency they have as singers.”

In other Stray Kids news, Ryan Reynolds recently met Bang Chan for the first time during an interview for his recently released movie Free Guy. In light of the premiere of Free Guy in South Korean on August 11, Chan sat down with Reynolds to speak about the movie in a video for Naver TV.


“We finally meet! I’m so excited about this,” Reynolds said at the start of the interview. The duo had previous interacted on social media after the boyband paid homage to Reynolds’ 2016 film during a performance for the Mnet reality TV series Kingdom: Legendary WarThe actor added that it was “an honour and a privilege” to speak to the Bang Chan.

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