Stray Kids tease ‘NOEASY’ with short music video for ‘Cheese’

Their new full-length album is due out later this month

Stray Kids have released a short video for ‘Cheese’, off their forthcoming full-length album ’NOEASY’.

The clip opens with members Felix, I.N., Bang Chan and Seungmin in a room filled with yellow sticky notes. It the then cuts to shorts of the group playing with small cars and running around a baseball field, while the song plays in the background.

“Index, middle, ring and little fingers, what? / Fold your index, middle, ring and little fingers, what? / You bite, chew, taste, and enjoy / What’s the matter? / Don’t keep a straight face, smile like pizza crust / Cheese,” Lee Know and Seungmin sing on the track.


According to a report by South Korean media outlet OSEN, members Bangchan, Changbin and Han were involved in the writing and composition of ‘Cheese’. The track, along with full-length album ‘NOEASY’, is slated for release on August 23. Information on other tracks on the album have yet to be released.

Stray Kids previously released an action-packed trailer for ‘NOEASY’ last month. The clip was set in a dystopian, apocalyptic world that Stray Kids were trying to save, with the members seen inventing technology, weapons and brainstorming strategies before they get into action.

‘NOEASY’ will mark the group’s first comeback since being crowned the winners of the Mnet reality TV competition Kingdom: Legendary WarAccording to a previous reportthe group’s return is set to coincide with the release of their Kingdom Week TV Special, which was the boyband’s prize for coming in first place on the programme.

The upcoming project will also include member Hyunjin, who returned to the group earlier this month after a lengthy hiatus. Prior to his return, the singer had appeared in the music video for their June digital single ‘Mixtape: OH’.