Stray Kids’ Felix reveals he was handpicked by group leader Bang Chan

“I didn’t expect a person like me to be picked”

Stray Kids member Felix revealed that he was selected by the boyband’s leader, Bang Chan, to join the group.

In a new interview with GQ Australia, the Australian-born K-pop idol opened up about how it was like being chosen by Bang Chan to join Stray Kids and how he prepared to make his debut despite spending only a year as a trainee.

“I didn’t expect a person like me, who was trying to be like him – good at singing, dancing, rapping – to be picked [by Bang Chan],” Felix said. “It made me want to work harder.”


However, despite being handpicked, Felix noted that he was still concerned about entering the spotlight as a K-pop idol. “I personally thought, compared to the others, I was still developing and needed to be better,” he said. “Being on TV was very interesting and fun but that was something I really wasn’t prepared for.”

Later in the interview, the singer touched on how things are still hard for him, dubbing himself a “slow learner”, but it’s not something that he’s worried about. “I’m slow and careful because I want to get things right,” he added. “I need a brief moment to think and find a way.”

Earlier this year, the duo told Rolling Stone Australia about their Australian upbringing and journey to debuting as K-pop idols. Chan also discussed how he would “take care” of Felix when he first started trainee life and their friendship.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids are set to release their holiday special single ‘Christmas EveL’ next week. The project will feature the title tracks ‘Christmas EveL’ and ‘Winter Falls’, the B-side song ’24 To 25′, as well as an English version of their ‘NOEASY’ track ‘Domino’.