Stream Nardean’s smooth cover of Brent Faiyaz’s ‘Trust’

Nardean covered the song in celebration of her signing with Elefant Traks

Nardean recently offered up a cover of Brent Faiyaz‘s 2018 cut ‘Trust’, and today she’s finally delivered her version of the song to streaming services.

The cover, which initially premiered on YouTube, was released as a celebration of the artist’s signing to Elefant Traks.

At the time of the cover’s initial release, Nardean said in a statement, “Signing to ET has been on my manifesting list for about 2 years”.


Listen to her cover of ‘Trust’ below:


“As a human – I am constantly changing,” Nardean said in a press statement. “Covering ‘Trust’ feels like a reflection of where my music (and my personality) is heading.”

On Facebook, Nardean explained the meaning behind the single’s artwork, which features her real tattoo of the word ‘TRUST’ on her neck.

“With this artwork, wanted to show the deeply entangled mess that is my love life,” she said.


“I wanted to show the people pleaser in me, the girl who is happy to be tied up (literally and metaphorically), happy to do as she is told.”

She then went on to describe her forthcoming music, saying “I so often feel trapped in my own bull, my own stories, my own silence.”

“All the music I’ve created recently has been an exploration of this. I’ve moved away from the “save the world” type beats and more onto the “save myself” type beats.”

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