Sunbather release dreamy debut EP ‘Brown Bread’

The album title was taken from Gary Abkin's artwork of the same name

Brisbane dream pop duo Sunbather have dropped their debut EP, ‘Brown Bread’, following the single ‘Wide Open’, released in early May.

Listen to the five-track EP below:


The EP was recorded just over a year ago at Queensland’s Plutonium Studios, with the aid of producer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Tia Gostelow) and drummer Stu McKenzie (Good Boy, Future Hands). Per a press statement, the EP explores “themes of friendship, self-reflection and an openness to change”.

Sunbather initially began as a “late-night creative outlet” for vocalist Sally Latter and guitarist Mike Todman while living in a West End sharehouse. Song ideas and early experiments quickly became full-fledged demos, eventually forming the outline of ‘Brown Bread’.

The EP title is taken from American-Australian visual artist Gary Abkin’s work of the same name. The artwork itself was used as the cover of the EP.

“The phrase ‘brown bread’ also reminds me of growing up in suburban Australia,” Latter said in a press statement.

“I’ve found that personal growth always begins with returning to what shaped me in childhood, so it seemed like a fitting title for an EP that explores these themes. Playing music is a really valuable form of reflecting but in many ways is also a reprieve.”


The duo aim to tour in support of ‘Brown Bread’ once social-distancing restrictions further ease around the nation.

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