Sunbather share new single ‘Wide Open’, announce debut EP

The EP is set to drop later this year

Brisbane dream pop duo Sunbather, the project of vocalist Sally Latter and guitarist Michael Todman, have shared a new single, entitled ‘Wide Open’.

They’ve also released an accompanying music video, which you can watch below:


‘Wide Open’ was produced by Aidan Hogg of Plutonium Studios, with Stu McKenzie (Good Boy, Future Haunts) on drums. The track is lifted from Sunbather’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Brown Bread’, which is slated for release on June 26.

In a press release, Latter said the song was about exploring “the sense of space that opens up in your soul when you can truly let someone go, without forgetting or devaluing them”.

“I had a really simple chord progression and a draft melody to start, and Mike then came up with the lead guitar lines over the top,” she said.

“Mike then wrote the demo drumbeat on our terrible friend-of-a-friend’s drumkit and we recorded it with vocal mics. Despite all that, even with just the very rough bones of the song, we knew it would be one for the EP.”

The visual was shot over three locations in Myanmar, when the duo temporarily relocated there for Latter’s work as a humanitarian lawyer. “This video is a catalogue of our time in Myanmar in the first few months of 2020,” said Todman.

“We found it hard to adapt at first, but we were shown kindness by many people. Putting the music video together was an exercise in documenting the moments of beauty in a time that was also tough and confronting.”


‘Wide Open’ is the second single from Sunbather, following January’s ‘Softly Spoken’.

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