Watch Sunmi shoot up zombies in music video for ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’

Her latest mini-album '1/6' is out now

Sunmi has finally dropped the action-packed music video for her new single, ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’.

In the video, Sunmi declines calls and messages from a persistent ex-lover. “I hate you,” she later screams at him through the phone when he calls repeatedly. Things take a deadly turn when she a flowerpot at him, which hits him in the head, when he appears outside her window.

Sunmi later heads to in a retro-themed DVD rental store, where she and her friends browse through the shelves before being interrupted by her ex, now back as a zombie. The group then engage in an thrilling gunfight against a horde of zombies. “Don’t call me, ‘honey’ / ‘Cause I ain’t gon’ be no sweet girl,” she raps in English on the second verse.


The synthwave-inspired ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ is the title track of Sunmi’s latest mini-album, ‘1/6’. The six-track project also include album cuts such as the summer-inspired song ‘SUNNY’ and the laid-back ‘1/6’.

More notably, the record also marks the official release of ‘Borderline’, an English-language track written by the singer about her experience with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Sunmi had previously performed the song at concerts, and also released a video for the track last year.

Earlier this year, the former Wonder Girls member also released the single album ‘Tail’, which featured the title track of the same name and a B-side song called ‘What The Flower’.

Sunmi is also set to appear as a mentor on the forthcoming Mnet reality TV show Girls Planet 999, alongside Girls Generation’s Tiffany Young. In a recent interview with 1st Look Magazine, Sunmi shared that she hoped to emphasise the importance of character to the show’s 99 contestants.