Support Act and Association of Artist Managers announce new mental health program

Gimme Shelter is an online program for artist managers

A new mental health program for Australian artist managers, entitled Gimme Shelter, has been jointly announced today (June 3) by Support Act and the Association of Artist Managers.

Gimme Shelter 2020/21 is designed as an early intervention mental health program tailored to the music industry. It’s set to be delivered online, consisting of Mental Health First Aid, mindfulness strategies, conflict resolution training and creative psychological health prep.

A trial pilot program of Gimme Shelter was held in person last year, which saw the attendance of 13 Victorian managers. Organisers expect over 190 artist managers who represent more than 800 artists nationwide to participate this year.

Executive director of the AAM, Cath Haridy, said the program was important in developing a framework to respond to “critical” challenges to mental health of music industry workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The devastating loss of income and future income uncertainty for artist managers and their artists may lead to further and ongoing mental health issues,” she said in a statement.

“Gimme Shelter will provide a proactive and preventative approach, contributing positively to the music eco-system with real and comprehensive outcomes.”

Any artist manager wishing to participate in the new initiative must register to become a member of the AAM, any time from June 15.


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