Susanne Sundfør shares two songs and announces new album ‘blómi’

The Norwegian singer-songwriter's sixth studio album is out in April

Susanne Sundfør has announced her sixth album, ‘blómi’, and shared two new songs – listen to ‘alyosha’ and ‘leikara ljóð’ below.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter’s new album is due to be released on April 28 via Bella Union. You can pre-order ‘blómi’ here.

Speaking of the album, Sundfør said: “I want this album to be an antidote to the darkness that dominates our culture today. I want to show that there’s another way to see reality, if one dares to take the leap of hoping for a more beautiful world.”


Blómi means “to bloom” in Norse and is an album that delves deeper into her personal mythology, her experiences as a new mother and more. It’s described as a “love letter to her young daughter”, pairing her lyrics with hints of Norse language and mythology.

Sundfør’s last album, ‘Music For People In Trouble’, was released in 2017 and was supported by two singles, ‘Undercover’ and ‘Mountaineers’. The latter featured American singer-songwriter John Grant.

Speaking to NME about the album, she said: “We’ve been in trouble before and gotten through it, but now it seems like we’re spending a lot of resources and it’s kind of worrying. I think that people are starting to wake up, and I think that will be fine, but at the same time there is an ‘if’ there…and I think that causes quite a lot of anxiety in people.”

She continued: “I think a lot of people just push it away and do their thing, and don’t necessarily think about it – but then what about people who can’t do that, like me? I can’t just push it away.


“I keep imagining scenarios and it’s probably not very healthy, but still. The album is also about my emotional trouble the last few years, and it’s sort of coincided with me getting absorbed into the work of artists in the Dark Mountain Project. A lot of their ideas and things discussed in those books are also part of the album, so it’s a good mixture of trouble.”

Last year, Röyksopp dropped new single ‘Oh, Lover’ featuring Sundfør, which was part of their ‘Profound Mysteries II’ album.

Speaking to NME about working with Sundfør, again, Svein Berge said: “She is just such an amazing artist in every way, shape and form. It’s so fun to work with her, because she might come across as this melancholic person, but she’s quite the opposite. She can just shift gears and put so much emotion into what she does.”

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