Suzi fights anxiety and self-doubt on roaring new single ‘Everyone I’ve Met Hates Me’

She’ll embark on a tour in support of it next month

Mornington Peninsula singer-songwriter Suzi Yaghmoor (known mononymously as Suzi) has shared an eruptive new single titled ‘Everyone I’ve Met Hates Me’, ahead of a tour in support of it kicking off next month.

Opening with raw, dryly tracked strums of an acoustic guitar, the song quickly flips into a soaring, punk-imbued cut evocative of bands like Sly Withers, Luca Brasi and The Hard Aches.

The catchy hooks and ocker flair are offset by the song’s emotive themes, though, as Yaghmoor sings emotively on the chorus: “I know that this is gonna make me seem crazy / I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve met hates me / Did nothing wrong, why do I feel this guilty? / In my head again, in my head again / And when the drugs kick in, I’m nervous / But you would never know it on the surface.”

The song arrives today (April 28) alongside a video, directed by Yaghmoor herself in tandem with filmmaker Ben Schoonderbeek, that sees the artist in a range of various social settings, refined to a yellow couch as a metaphor for her desire to hide in such situations. Take a look at that below:

In a press release, Yaghmoor explained that she’d written ‘Everyone I’ve Met Hates Me’ to reflect the self-destructive emotions felt on a morning after a big night: “You know when you wake up after a big night on the bevs and your hangxiety is so bad you never want to leave your house or talk to anyone ever again?

“It is absolutely impossible for everyone you have ever met to hate you – but dear lord does it feel that way sometimes.”

Expounding on how the song’s themes relate to its accompanying video, she added: “I wrote this song about my experiences with anxiety, which is especially not fun in social settings. I always find myself searching rooms for a place to hide or find comfort. Things always feel like they’re moving so quickly and I can’t keep up. A lot of that time I end up on a couch or a chair in the corner of the room.

“That’s where the inspiration for this clip came from. I wanted to take this couch to a bunch of different places where couches aren’t necessarily found as a representation of that comfort and to visually display my active effort to blend in with the furniture wherever possible.”

‘Everyone I’ve Met Hates Me’ comes as Yaghmoor’s first release for 2022, following last October’s standalone single ‘Amelia’. It was recorded with Dean Tellefson at Melbourne’s Wrangler Studios, and features Declan Long on guitars, Holly Ditchfield on bass and Brae Nicholls on drums.

Fans will be able to see Yaghmoor and co. play ‘Everyone I’ve Met Hates Me’ live starting next month, with a six-date east coast tour kicking off in Adelaide on Friday May 20. She’ll take to the stage in Sydney a week later (May 27), before rolling on through to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ballarat and Melbourne. Brisbane indie-rockers Cheap Date will open for all six of the shows, tickets to which can be found here.

Suzi’s ‘Everyone I’ve Met Hates Me’ tour dates are:

Friday 20 – Adelaide, The Grace Emily
Friday 27 – Sydney, Oxford Art Factory
Saturday 28 – Gold Coast, Vinnie’s Dive Bar
Sunday 29 – Brisbane, O’Skulligans

Friday 3 – Ballarat, The Eastern
Saturday 4 – Melbourne, Workers Club